Weber Grands Have Introduced "Carbon Fiber Actions from Wessell Nickel & Gross.  Try One, They Feel Great !

Grand Size Conversion from Metric to Feet

150 Grand is 4'11"

157 Grand is 5'2"

175 Grand is 5'9"

185 Grand is 6'1"

208 Grand is 6'10"

228 Grand is 7'6"

275 Grand is 9'0"

Purchasing a new piano is a life time investment that will bring many benefits. A new piano can be the most beautiful piece of furniture in your home. Piano music has a distinct sound that brings memories of home life years ago or the hope of future family values.  New pianos sound better than old ones, new pianos give you that "new car feel" but most important is the feeling of assurance that years of service will be yours without worry.  New pianos come with a 10 year warranty.

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