Choose One of Our 3 Rental Programs:

   1. Month-to-Month Program: … rent from one month to how ever long you choose, there is no time limit. The purchase option is 100% of  6 months payments.

   2. 13 Month Program … the 13 month program offers reduced rental rate of $2.50 per month and 100% purchase option for the first 12 months. You can rent longer if you choose.  

   3. Special Events Program:  Rent a grand, vertical or digital piano for 1 day or over a weekend or even longer.  

       What expenses will you pay:  

       1.  Vertical Pianos:  $650.00.  Includes deliver, pick up and in store tuning;

       2.  Grand Pianos:  $750.00.  Includes delivery, pick up and in store tuning;

       3.  Digital Pianos:  $550.00.  Included delivery and pick up.  

      Tuning Expense:  On site tunings will be charged $150.00.  Call our store @ 425-259-0887 for exact details regarding your event. 

Beginning the Month-to-Month or 13 Month Rental Process:

     1.  Choose which program fits your needs best;

     2.  For the month-to-month or 13 month programs, pay for the first months rental fee and the cost for delivering the piano to your home. *  

     * Basic delivery cost is $109.00 for in-town delivery.  Additional cost based on difficulty of the move or added driving time.

Benefits of Renting a Piano:

     The greatest benefit of renting a piano is determining if you want a piano before you buy one.  If, during the rental period, you determine you no longer want a piano, just give us a call and we pick up the piano.  That's a lot better than trying to sell a piano you purchased. 

     Your rental payments are like savings in the bank, the first 12 months of rental payments can be applied to a piano purchase either new, used or the piano you are renting. *

     Another benefit of renting is the experience you will gain identifying the size, sound, action feel and looks you will want when you buy a piano.  Our rental customers make good piano purchase decisions.  

     Renting a piano makes real sense, the initial expense to start is affordable and the benefits that come in the future are obvious.

     * Rent credit based upon the rental program you choose.

Rent-a-Piano from $22.50 per mo.

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